'pirate girl tank' 

for the ladies


'pirate girl tank' for the ladies!

For the smokin' hot lady in your life, or for those of you that are smokin' hot ladies, we have this foxy Pirate Girl tank top, in blue and black or black and pink.

'skeleton crew' 

Long sleeve 


'Skeleton crew' SHirt

This is the official crew shirt of TopSails, don't believe us...it says it right on the front. And our motto on the back 'Live Like a Captain, Party Like a Pirate'. Get this for someone you know who lives like they are in the islands. 

'Skeleton crew' 

Short Sleeve


'ship for brains' xray long sleeve shirt


'ship for brains' xray short sleeve shirt



Do you, or does someone you love suffer from Ship for Brains Syndrome (SBS)?  Symptoms include an intense preoccupation with piracy.  The only known treatment is to come to St. Thomas and take one of our pirate tour excursions!  All proceeds from this shirt go directly to the National Ship for Brains Research Alliance.

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